What We Offer to Principals

Nurturemed Pharma, Inc. is a subsidiary of Dyna Drug Corporation with a mission to provide quality yet affordable medicines and food supplements to Filipino families with a focus on the health of women and children. NurtureMed is a trusted national pharmaceutical company that helps keep Filipino families healthy through its wide-range of quality offerings.

Our Mission

To promote the health and wellness of mother and child through ethically promoted, high quality, safe and efficacious medicines, and supplements.

See What Our Partners Say About Nurturemed


Calmoseptine Phils., Inc. is very grateful to Nurture Med

“Nurturemed has managed to get the loyalty of their target doctors to use Calmoseptine for multiple skin problems of their patients and of their own family. I highly recommend Nurture Med to other companies wanting distributors for their products marketed in the Philippines.”

Pediapharma Inc

Pediapharma and Nurturemed have been partners for more than 5 years now.

“Our tie up with them has grown bigger and stronger through the years. Through their continuous participation in doctors’ symposiums and conventions, Nurturemed has been able to provide intensive information and updates for our products.”

Our Values


We are committed to continuously provide an ever-growing portfolio of over-the-counter and prescription medicines.


We are passionate in improving the lives of our valued customers and stakeholders and strive to serve them with excitement, diligence, and zeal.


With creativity and innovation, we find effective ways to reach out to our customers, allowing us to be of assistance to more Filipino families across the nation.


Fostering a mindset based on service and commitment is the key to being the go-to health partner of every Filipino family.


Our goal is to instill in our customers the idea that an illness is a challenge that they can overcome.


We endeavor to show our customers that every individual has the capability to take charge of all aspects of life, even one’s health.

At A Glance


Employees with dedication beyond compare


Products that are FDA-registered


Territories covered by our marketing and sales force


Professional medical representatives nationwide


Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing of NurtureMed is composed of a dynamic and determined team of 12 district managers and 4 product managers. Our equally talented Professional Medical Representatives covers 104 territories nationwide.

Medical Affairs & Regulatory

The Medical Affairs team provides evidence-based information to ensure that the promotional materials and advertisement of the marketing team are responsible and credible. The regulatory team ensures that the products carried by NurtureMed are compliant to the regulations set by the Food and Drugs Administration.

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