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Addressing the rural community health needs

The health dynamics in the rural communities in the countryside is far different when we compare it to that of highly urbanized area not only in terms of health needs and disease profiles but more importantly are the unique and peculiar health seeking behaviors and practices of the people.


Are you wondering if your child has allergic rhinitis?


A diet that is complete and varied prevents micronutrient deficiencies.


What is UTI? Urinary tract infections are infections in any part of the urinary tract. They happen when bacteria get into the bladder or kidneys.

A Solid Start: Complementary Feeding

By 6 months of age, calories provided by breastmilk is no longer sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of an infant.1

The Essentials of Bone Health

Beyond the formative structure, the skeleton serves, bone is dynamic and metabolically active.

What is a Healthy Meal for my child?

The good news is that there are just a few basic guidelines to follow on what is a healthy meal for children.

Solid Feeding Do’s and Dont’s

One simple dream of parents is for their children to eat a good variety of food happily.

Exercise and Asthma in Children

Exercise is for both for adults and children. Regular daily exercises is part of a healthy lifestyle.