Pesky Productive Cough: How Can Mucolytic Medicine Help?

Though productive cough may appear without a hint of warning, many effective methods are available to manage this sudden disruption. To restore cough-free comfort, you may consider reliable mucolytic treatments like ambroxol.

Catching up with friends and exchanging stories with family is a great comfort after a long day. Even at work, smooth communication is essential to make tasks and projects easier to accomplish. But these simple luxuries can easily fade away if you suddenly develop an incessant cough.

Although unexpected coughs can be inconvenient, you should know it’s one of your body’s many protective responses.

Whether it’s a mild cough or sounds like it will wake the household, a cough is a sign that there may be germs or dust in your throat or airways. When your body detects outside irritants, the brain sends signals to your chest and abdomen to make them contract and produce a cough. This protective cough reflex helps to push out the foreign particles.

Smoke, dust, and allergens are common stimuli that may bring forth a cough. And sometimes, coughs may also produce mucus due to a certain illness. When you develop a chest congestion, you may need to give your body some time to expel the phlegm completely.

What is Productive Cough?

Depending on what’s causing your cough, it can either be a productive or non-productive cough. For a productive cough, the culprit is the excess mucus that has formed in your airways. Meanwhile, a non-productive cough is caused by some inflammation in your respiratory system.

Productive cough

This is also known as a wet cough, where you expel mucus or phlegm from your respiratory tract.

Non-productive cough

When a cough does not produce phlegm, it’s called a non-productive or dry cough. You would feel a tickling sensation which makes you cough.

Keep in mind that cough is often a symptom of another illness. In some cases, it may even signal a more severe health condition. If there are other symptoms you may be feeling, list these down to inform your doctor. These other signs may help your doctor determine the primary cause of the cough and recommend proper treatment.

Why is it important to treat your cough?

You could be right in the middle of a discussion with a colleague when a violent cough starts taking over the conversation. Getting cut off mid-sentence would be upsetting, but it may also be uncomfortable for the person you’re with. However, cough is not simply a social nuisance. It may also be a health risk.

When you have a cough, you’re not only responsible for your health but also others.

Cough produces respiratory droplets, which could be transmitted to other people near you when you cough. Fortunately, observing proper cough etiquette, whether inside or outside your home, may help others from getting infected.

Nevertheless, the best prevention is knowing how to get rid of your cough effectively and finding a suitable productive cough medicine.

What is the remedy for productive cough?

The main goal in treating productive coughs is to improve airway clearance. Hence, cough suppressants alone are not enough. Though coughs normally go away on their own, certain remedies help shorten their duration and improve mucus clearance.

You may consult a healthcare provider for expectorants and mucolytics. These medicines effectively target mucus stuck in your respiratory system.

While waiting for a doctor’s medical advice, some home remedies can provide soothing relief. Here are some tips you can follow.

1. Drink plenty of fluids

Though drinking more water will not solve productive cough, it can ease some discomfort. Fluids assist to loosen mucus and flush it out of your throat and airways. So, make sure to drink plenty of water when managing a cough with phlegm.

2. Take vitamins that boost immunity

This tip is more effective in preventing coughs and colds from occurring in the first place. Taking immune-boosting supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc can shorten the length of flu and colds and may even improve cough.

However, please take note that taking these supplements won’t guarantee your absolute immunity against colds.

3. Eat nutritious meals and have proper rest

Your cough is only a symptom of another illness. And eating fruits and vegetables is a splendid way to support your body. The healthy mix of vitamins and minerals from food will strengthen your health barrier.

Aside from eating right, getting plenty of rest is also a popular doctor’s advice to help your body recover faster.

Why does mucus form and how can mucolytics help?

You should know that mucus is among the first line of defense of your body’s epithelial tissues against germs that may cause disease. A mucus layer is essential in preventing bacterial growth in your respiratory system.

But if the airways are constantly irritated, it may lead to mucus hypersecretion, which may be more than what the body can expel smoothly. This stage is when your body starts having a problem with productive cough and where mucolytics come in.

Mucolytic drugs are a type of mucoactive agents that essentially help break down thick mucus to make it easier to cough out.

Here is how mucolytic agents work to loosen phlegm and manage productive cough.

1. Initial Action

When mucolytics are taken in, they begin by breaking down the chemical bonds that make up the excess mucus layer.

2. Clearance

Once these chemical bonds are broken down, this reduces the mucus viscosity making it easier for mucus to flow and be coughed out.

3. Expectoration

As mucus is taken out of the respiratory tract, it is now referred to as sputum.

Certain types of mucolytics also possess anti-inflammatory properties that offer soothing relief. One example is Ambroxol Hydrochloride, a mucolytic with an anti-inflammatory effect and aids in sore throat relief.

Ambroxyl for Productive Cough

When you or a family member develops a productive cough, you can rely on Nurturemed’s Ambroxyl for effective relief. This ambroxol mucolytic syrup and tablet are pleasant cough medicines for kids and adults.

Ambroxyl improves respiratory tract secretion by enhancing the production of pulmonary surfactants and stimulating ciliary activity. This process facilitates expectoration which eases cough.

Ambroxyl Tablet: Mucolytic for Adults

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Ambroxyl Syrup: Mucolytic for Kids

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Though productive cough may go away on its own, you shouldn’t allow it full control over your activities. There are milestones to celebrate and family bonding moments to cherish.

Don’t let cough keep you from creating these priceless memories. Get the help of effective cough medicines like Ambroxyl to restore the peace and comfort of being cough-free. — (Nurturemed)