Take A Breath On Menopause

Written By:

Michelle Rioja - Casamorin, RMT, MD

Women nowadays are too fascinated with technology and the effects of social media in terms of beauty, sexual desire, social interactions, and the like. But do you know what really bother’s women especially when they reach the age of Mid ’40s? It’s Menopause!

Some may say, why should menopause be a problem? Well honestly, Menopause is not a problem at all. If we, women, know what to expect from our bodies during these times.

First, what is menopause? Based on Comprehensive Gynecology by Gretchen M. Lentz, MD, et.al, Menopause is a cessation of menses. The age of menopause, which is a genetically programmed event, is subject to some variability. The age of menopause in Western countries is between 51 and 52 years, Thai women at age of 49.5 years, and Filipina women between ages 47 and 48. Countries at higher altitudes (Himalayas or Andes) have been shown to have menopause 1 to 1.5 years earlier. In the United States, the average age of menopause is between 51 to 53 years. It is thought to correlate with general health status and socioeconomic status in association with an earlier age of menopause like smoking which has been found to be associated with menopause onset taking place 1 to 2 years earlier.

Hormonal changes occur during menopause as well, this includes a significant reduction of estrogen in the body. In the Brain, cognition and mood functions are affected. And this cause the so-called “Hot-Flushes” which usually occur 2 years after the body's decrease in estrogen and even skin changes like sweating and shivering or chills. One of the major complaints of women with hot flushes is sleep problems or sleep disruption which awakens them several times at night. Once there is a night of disturbed sleep, fatigue and irritability follow during the day.

Decreasing estrogen also plays a role in collagen in the body, which is an important component of bone and skin thus causing skin thickness, bone loss, and the risk of osteoporosis. Also, Cardiovascular Diseases or conditions may also arise with the accelerated rise in total cholesterol leading to stroke.

But all these signs and symptoms of menopause can be waved down by science and hormonal therapies available worldwide.

So, don’t lose hope, and don’t despair. There are food supplements and Hormonal Treatments that could easily help us overcome this stage in our lives.