Children's Cough and Colds Medicine

Coughs and colds are among the most common sicknesses children get. Children’s bodies are different from adults, which is why it’s important to have medication specifically formulated for kids. Making sure that your medicine cabinet is fully stocked with cough and cold medicine for kids is essential, especially when the rainy season starts in the Philippines.


Our cough and cold medicine make it easy for kids to combat this common sickness because of these qualities:

Children-Safe Dosage

Cough and cold medicine vastly differ when we’re talking about who is consuming it. While both children and adults generally take the same medications, children’s medicine should be significantly milder than a fully developed adult. Nurturemed ensures that their cough and cold medicine is safe for kids in the Philippines.

Our children’s cough and cold medicine provides relief against stuffiness, phlegm, and itchy throats at lower dosages. Consult with your doctor to ensure that you are using Nurturemed medicines correctly.

Easy Consumption

Children can’t take a tablet, capsules, or other solid medications easily. This is especially true for babies and children below the age of 5. That’s why our range of children’s cough and cold medicines was formulated to be easily consumed.

Nurturemed offers an array of palatable suspensions and chewables that children of all ages can consume. Suspensions are recommended for younger children, while chewables are safe for children who can eat solid food with ease. All our children’s medications have a pleasant flavor that will make medicine time much easier.

High Quality

Every parent wants the best for their children–which is why Nurturemed ensures that our cough and cold medicines are not only safe but highly effective. Formulated by experts, each product in our range strictly follows health and safety protocols to make sure that your family gets nothing but the best quality.


Your access to medicine and other health products should never be limited by where you live. This is why Nurturemed makes all of our products, including cough and cold medicine for kids, as accessible as possible–no matter where you are in the Philippines. You can check your local drug stores or our online stores to easily get the Nurturemed medicines you need.