Menopause Supplements

From hot flashes to night sweats, menopause can affect women in a number of uncomfortable ways. But this is where taking a menopause relief supplement can be extremely helpful, especially here in the Philippines.


Our supplements are filled with nutrients that promote menopausal relief and holistic health, such as:

As women age, their bodies require different nutrients. A lack of the proper nourishment, as well as existing medical conditions, can make menopause an unpleasant experience. Because of this, Nurturemed offers menopause supplements and nutrional products that women in the Philippines can take.

Our supplements are filled with nutrients that promote menopausal relief and holistic health, such as:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a powerful nutrient that keeps the body strong. Individuals with a vitamin D deficiency have an increased risk of bone fractures, pain, and softening. In a nutshell, a lack of vitamin D can result in a weaker body.

For older women, vitamin D is important so you can continue doing the things you love. Whether it’s running, cooking, or simply keeping up with your loved ones, having a strong body is never a bad thing. Our food supplements for holistic health and menopause relief ensure that you receive your daily dose of vitamin D.

Vitamin E

If you follow skincare, then you’ve probably heard of this nutrient. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that not only keeps you healthy, but it also gives you a radiant and youthful glow. This vitamin fights cell-damaging radicals in your body and reduces stress and the risk of depression.

Vitamin E supplements help boost your mood and overall mental health. Reducing both stress and cell damage, this powerful antioxidant is a staple in many people’s daily lives. Make sure you get your much needed vitamin E dose with our accessible food supplements.


Calcium is a mineral that humans need in their daily life. This mineral plays a pivotal role in maintaining strong muscles, bones, blood clotting, heart rhythms, and nerve functions. As we age, our calcium intake becomes more important to prevent any adverse deterioration in our bodily functions.

Aside from vitamin D, calcium helps stay strong and functioning. For women, calcium not only alleviates the stress of menopause, it also prevents osteoporosis. Nurturemed food supplement provides ample nutrition for individuals, including calcium.