Suu Balm Body Wash 420 mL

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Emollients, Cleansers & Skin Protectives

Regulatory Classification

Non - Rx

Unit of Measure


Pharmacologic Category

Emollients, Cleansers & Skin Protectives

Contents & Formulation

Menthol 0.3%, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), betaine, sodium hyaluronate.

Indications and Usage

Ultra gentle cooling body wash for dry, sensitive, atopic and sensitive skin, as it uses an ultra gentle surfactant (sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate) instead of soap, SLS or SLES, which may irritate the skin; contains moisturisers to protect the skin further.

Dosage & Administration

Apply to the body to gently cleanse, and then rinse off. For best results, keep your showers short and do not use water that's too hot. After showering, pat your skin dry and apply your Suu Balm Moisturiser to body regions with itch or dryness.