Calmoseptine Ointment 3.5g Sachet x 20's

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Emollients, Cleansers & Skin Protectives

Regulatory Classification

Non - Rx

Unit of Measure


Pharmacologic Category

Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Pruritic

Contents & Formulation

Each 3.5g of ointment contains: Calamine 164.50 mg and Zinc Oxide 555.70 mg

Indications and Usage

A moisture barrier that prevents and helps heal skin from diaper rash, minor burns, cuts, allergic rashes, insect bites, perspiration, irratation, acne, prickly heat, wounds or fistula drainage, hemorroids,fungus infection, eczema, impetigo, incontinence, and temporarily relieves discomfort and itching.

Dosage & Administration

Cleanse skin gently with mild skin cleanser. Allow to air dry, Apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine ointment to affected skin two to four times daily to promote comfort and long lasting protection.

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